Limnmerro is the elven forest extending about four-days’ ride from side to side. Several elven settlements exist within its borders; additionally, the human city Limnmerro Castle is about a day’s ride from the northeast corner and the human village Bordertown is half a day from the southwest corner.

Limnmerro Castle

The city of Limnmerro Castle is nestled within the forest of Limnmerro. Its establishment was part of the standing peace treaty between the humans and elves nearly a century ago. In exchange for a safe haven within the forest during the First Goblin War, the humans of the time agreed to establish an oligarchy between the ruling class of humans and druidic elven leaders.

The humans have been forbidden to cut any trees from the forest of Limnmerro; consequently, the castle city has been erected from a unique combination of stone and living trees. Aided by the druids, trees tend to define corner posts and certain features of the city’s buildings, and stone and mortar has been used to fill in the gaps. In no building is this marriage of stone and tree so seamless and beautiful as the castle proper, where entire floors of the enormous structure have been created by druidic magic, wrapping sections of trees about stone foundation to create an unique architectural marvel.

NG Small City

Corruption -2; Crime -1; Economy 0; Law -1; Lore -1; Society +5

Qualities Holy Site, Insular, Magically Attuned, Pious

Danger 5


Government Council

Population 7000 (4000 human, 2000 half-elf, 800 elf, 200 other)

Notable NPCs

King Eldwin Vecin (LG Male Human Noble)

Chancellor Iyanell Ar’Ilu (N Male Elf Druid)

Captain of the Guard Arria El’Annin (NG Female Half-Elf Fighter)

Ranger Master Iqua Mace (CG Male Human Ranger)


Base Limit 4800 gp; Purchase Limit 30000 gp; Spellcasting 11th

Minor 4d4; Medium 3d4; Major 1d6


Bordertown is the stone quarry from which Limnmerro Castle’s structure is built. The road between Bordertown and Limnmerro Castle is barely wide enough for one cart to pass each way (both elves and humans were unhappy with the compomise). A few shops and an inn have been built at what was originally just a work camp, as well as several homes for people who chose to live outside of the forest. Everything in Bordertown is built of stone and thatch from the surrounding plains.


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